Soon to rise on Tablas Island — one of the Philippines'
best-kept retirement destinations — is The 18 Corners Building.
A part of the Liberty Haven Ocean View.

Liberty Haven Ocean View

The 18 Corners Building / A way of life of the future
Live at the address that equally
celebrates both your health and your stature:
The 18 Corners Building at Liberty Haven Ocean View.
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Soon to rise on Tablas Island—one of the Philippines' best-kept secrets—is the The 18 Corners Building. A part of the Liberty Haven Ocean View long-term living complex, this newly conceptualized, all-ages healthy-living construction both embraces and engages with the surrounding natural, tropical paradise. Whether you seek a vibrant, active and youthful expat community or one of the best places to retire for your early escape from the daily grind, The 18 Corners Building is calling you.

The 18 Corners Building will complement Amanjaya Resorts and together form Tablas’ most amenitized, residential complex and definitive Tablas landmark. Offering a prime location, spectacular views and discerning, health-conscious, Liberty-loving neighbors, a stately and serene life-style at The 18 Corners Building will prove to be unparalleled.

Certainly you deserve a higher quality life—a healthier life, a relaxing life, a more active life—than what your current finances or pension can provide you in places like North America, Europe and Australia. The solution? Move overseas and enter into a zero-crime, zero-pollution, year-round, tropical-climate paradise that boasts one of the truly lowest cost-of- living rates worldwide—only 25% of what you would typically spend. When cocktail discussions evolve into the best countries for expats regarding affordable living, those in the know will tout Tablas as one of—if not THE—most desirable and cheapest island to live on. (We encourage you to click on the MENU tab and review both the Cost of Living and FAQ tabs for specifics.)


Located only 20 miles (33 km)—half an hour by speedboat—from the world famous holiday and party island of Boracay, Tablas is the largest of the 20 islands that comprise the province of Romblon in the Philippines. Tablas has long retained its original charm and breezy character: coconut trees swaying in the tropical winds, turquoise waters lazily lap on white sand beaches, deep rivers and sparkling streams leisurely cross deep-green vegetation. Whether your interest is drinking coconut juice fresh from the tree; exploring waterfalls, caves and lakes; lounging on quiet and nearly deserted beaches; hiking far off the beaten path, high into mountain ranges with sweeping views; diving deep below the ocean’s surface; or simply sharing a mostly tourist-free vibe, Tablas is the answer.

San Andres
Hill Top

Location that is strategic yet majestic

Capturing the enchanting island spirit of the Philippines, The 18 Corners Building’s site rests only 200 meters from the ocean shore in Agpudlos, San Andres, Tablas. This desirable location is not only steps from the ocean, but also a short, 45-minute drive to Tablas Airport and a just-as- fast, 45-minute speedboat ride to the new International Boracay Airport.

Beach View

Living life to the fullest

This prestigious location merges healthy benefits such as sea air, organic fruits, vegetables and meat produced from the next-door farm. Add to that freshly caught fish and seafood, and one embraces a lifestyle that leads to the realization of individual longevity. As evidenced, The 18 Corners Building strives to bring together fundamental, yet indispensable, elements — some commonly known, some long forgotten.

When factoring in all of its tropical charm and understated prosperity, it’s no surprise that the Philippines—and Tablas Island specifically—constantly ranks as not only one of the best countries for expats but also as one of the best places to retire in the world.



18-Corner Structure

Thousands of years ago sacred geometry was a natural part of life. Everything we now know emerged out of timeless geometric codes: the strands of our DNA, the cornea of our eye, snow flakes, pine cones, flower petals, diamond crystals, the branching of trees, a nautilus shell, the stars in the sky, the air we breathe, all life forms as we know them. The designs of exalted holy places from the prehistoric monuments at Stonehenge and the Pyramids of Khufu at Giza, to the world's great cathedrals, mosques, and temples are all wholly based on these same principles of sacred geometry.

The 18 Corners Building—an eighteen-cornered, geometric layout—is also based on this sacred art. This once again, unique concept of construction protects your health and fosters an increased zest for life, promoting creativity and vibrancy and reviving the sacredness in our lives—and in our living conditions.

This proportionally designed and constructed, 5-story cube will boast residences on the top four floors with additional residences as well as common facilities on the first floor. The building itself will consist of renewable, primary products whenever possible.

Side View Diagram


Each individual apartment—approximately 90 in total—is turn-key and presented as an individual module, manufactured with the highest precision, German engineering and craftsmanship.

Kitchen and bathroom appliances, plumbing and electrical devices and various fixtures—completely pre-installed—will exult ambiance, comfort and attention to detail. Each apartment measures 25 square meters (approximately 270 square feet), every inch utilized with space and efficiency in mind. Highest- quality insulation will greatly contribute to a continuously comfortable interior climate, keeping both hot and cold air outside, making air conditioning nearly unnecessary.

Unit Diagram
1-unit Plan


2-unit Plan

2-room Apartment

3-unit Plan

3-room Apartment

4-unit Plan

4-room Apartment

If desired, multiple modules can be joined together to create a robust-in- size condominium. In such a circumstance and to save expense, the first unit would have a bathroom while the additional units would utilize that space alternatively.

Additionally, it is also possible to combine customized multiple units into creative, functional living arrangements to the buyer’s full satisfaction. For example, a shared or common kitchen, living room and dining room area as middle units, with one or two apartments on the sides.

You have arrived at a truly privileged, new lifestyle. Welcome to your private and exclusive home highlighted by peaceful and healthy living - all at an affordable price.

An investment with The 18 Corners Building provides residents the opportunity to see their retirement accounts last an estimated five times longer. A couple can live in exceptional comfort on Tablas Island—including a maid, bio-active nutrition and health insurance—for only 1000 USD (P45,000) a month. This high-quality standard of living is simply not accessible in Western countries and continents such as the United States, Europe, Australia, Korea and Japan.

Beach view Tropical fruit Dive with whalesharks Couple on beach Cafe Ocean view


On the ground floor of The 18 Corners Building are various shops, a launderette, multi-functional hall, coffee shop and a café and restaurant; resident parking is conveniently located next to the building. Adjacent to the building, a full-sized infinity pool awaits your hours of attention. Additionally, and most spectacularly, access to the best swimming beach on the island is only a few hundred meters away. Speedboats, jet skis, dive and snorkeling gear, as well as other water sports equipment, are readily available for your pleasure.

If the questions are, “What is the best country for expats?” and “What is the best place to retire in the world?” … the answer to both questions may likely be the same: Tablas Island, Romblon, Philippines.

Amenities at the Ground Floor

The 18 Corners Building Ground Floor

Amenities at the Vicinity

Liberty Haven Ocean View Vicinity

Lease Prices

Your dream life starts at only 100 USD per month. The below lifetime lease* prices include all taxes, maintenance and service fees. Reserving now a unit—or units—for either personal or for-rental purposes locks-in the most desirable, ocean and sunset views.


25 SQM 50 SQM 75 SQM 100 SQM
ORIGINAL PRICE 60,000 USD 120,000 USD 180,000 USD 240,000 USD
33% DISCOUNT 35 USD 70 USD 105 USD 140 USD
DISCOUNTED PRICE 39,000 USD 78,000 USD 117,000 USD 156,000 USD

For combined and customized units numbering over four, prices will be provided upon request.

Once construction beings, the above discounted prices will gradually increase, and the above offered discounts will accordingly decrease.

* A lifetime lease is defined as a 25-year lease, renewable for an additional 25 years, equaling 50 years (600 months) in total.


The anticipated turnover date is in October of 2018.

An early investment—via stocks in Liberty Haven Ocean View, Inc.— during the 2016 pre-construction stage grants a net 30% discount. As an additional benefit, reserving a unit—or units—now locks-in the most desirable, ocean and sunset views.

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